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  Why MDJ Advantage?

  • Trending Product Offering
    Customers crave unique, trendsetting pieces that make a statement. With MDJ Advantage, you tap into the growing trend of vintage and unique jewelry on day one.
  • Industry Leading Memo Program
    Every piece in our extensive inventory is available for you to showcase overnight, thanks to our exclusive memo program coupled with FREE overnight shipping.
  • Unparalleled Offerings
    MDJ Advantage allows you to offer an exclusive, one-of-a-kind experience that builds customer loyalty. Give your customers a reason to choose your store over the mundane options.
  • Fresh Inventory
    Never feel bored with what's in your cases again. At MDJ Advantage our team is adding new pieces to the collection every day.
  • Competitive Pricing
    Our jewelry pieces are not just sourced from all over the world, but are also competitively priced. It's global luxury that won't break the bank.
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