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Upon submission of this application, you give MDJ Advantage express permission to obtain business and personal credit information and agree to the following Terms & Conditions:

In consideration of credit extended, I/We personally guarantee full and prompt payment according to terms granted of all invoices rendered. All past due indebtedness shall be subject to interest at the maximum rate allowed by law until paid. If My/Our account is placed in the hands of an attorney for collection, or if collection is made through bankruptcy or probate proceedings, I/we agree to pay a reasonable amount in attorney\'s fees on both the principal and interest charge. All charges are due and payable in full at 2300 W. Ridge Rd., 4th Floor, Rochester, NY 14626. It is agreed that venue for any legal action or suits shall be Rochester, Monroe County, NY and the laws of the State of New York shall have jurisdiction in such actions or suits. Notwithstanding billing agreements, the undersigned accepts personal liability as insurer of the items received and guarantees payment of the purchase price set forth above. I/We agree to furnish financial information or statements as requested. I/We verify that all information supplied is true and correct.